Friday, July 3, 2009

Sunriver Invitational

What a great tournament!

Yesterday I was lucky and got invited to play in the "Sunriver Invitational Tournament" The format was fantastic with 12 players rotating partners. You played 1 game with each of the other players and at the end added up all your points to find a winner. So every point counts! Even when you are up 10-0 you do not want to give the opposition 1 point because that point could cost you at the end.

I feel comfortable speaking for all the guests that were invited and saying "We had a GREAT time! Thank You Marty, Don and Bill for the invites. I plan on having a tournament with this format at Sun City Mesquite in the fall. Here is the email I got from Marty last night with the results

Hope everyone had a great time. Below are the results. We will try and have another competition in August and possibly expand to a "C" group to include more players. Good to see Harry Eubanks down at the courts. Thanks to everyone for making this a fun event.
Thanks, Bill Dysert, Marty Grossman, Don Odle (Tournament Directors)

A Group Points

Bob Klarich 111
Bill Dysert 110
Steve Hafen 110
Walt Ashby 107
Rob Roy 99
Sanjoy Bhattacharya -- Worthen 99
Don Odle 98
Pat Flannery 94
Tom Wheeler Entrada 83
Pat McKissick 81
Marty Grossman 67
Jim Real 66

B Group

Steve Garcia--Hurricane 117
Ginger Miller 112
Gene Sams 110
Nora Flannery 103
John Ramirez-- Mesquite 99
Di Shanklin -- Entrada 95
Tom Rankin 94
Jim Duranceau 94
Tom Tischler-- Worthen 90
Bill Sederowitz 88
Mary Lynn Larson--Worthen 85
Kay Eubanks 76