Saturday, June 27, 2009


Last night I was invited to Entrada to play pickleball. I was told by Di Shanklin that this was “Smash mouth” pickleball and if I did not like getting hit with the ball this might not be the right group for me. I arrived early and got a nice tour of Entrada by Tom Wheeler.
I found myself mesmerized by the beauty of that area.

Then we started playing.

In my brief time playing pickleball the one thing I have come to realize is that most of the people that play this game are great people. There is just something about the game that draws competitive but friendly people. The Entrada group is no different.

I started playing and quickly thought I was in over my head. They were hitting it harder than I was used to and it took me a bit to catch up to the speed of the game. After a couple of games I felt like I had caught up and was really enjoying myself.

I don’t know about you guys but I hate to lose. At the same time, I don’t mind getting beat. You just realize that some players are better than you and you tell them “nice shot” after they hit it by you. I said”nice shot” often last night.

After 3 hours of solid play I was exhausted and still had a long drive home so it was time to go. I really enjoyed my time out there and hope to someday do it again.

If you are ever looking for a fun weekend getaway check out Entrada. The rooms are awesome and you can golf during the day then play pickleball at night. The website is

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Idaho Senior Games

New USPA Ambassador for Boise Carson Spencer has asked me to post info for this years Idaho Senior Games

I would like to invite all players to the IDAHO SENIOR GAMES in Boise ID. August 8,14-16 &20-23 , 2009. The Web site for more information and registration is . If any of you are in this area and need a little sports action, our games are fun, well organized and competitive. A few of the games to be played PICKLEBALL,vollyball,cycling,handball,track & field,racketball, tennis, ect.


Would love to see players from our region in St. George, Mesquite and others show up and play some good hard games.

Boise Idaho and surrounding area are beautiful and exciting. So if you decide to come and play be sure to take in all the rough outdoor excitment of the area.


Carson Spencer, new Ambassador of pickleball for the Boise Idaho area.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Utah Summer Games

Here are the results from this years Utah Summer Games in St George. This is a good link to a video from the tournament.

1, Tim Finger, St. George, .
2, Rick Lambson, Cedar City, .
3, Steve Garcia, hurricane, .

Singles - Women
1, Karen Marchant, Cedar City, .
2, Diane Shanklin, Santa Clara, .
3, Kathy Duncan, Cedar City, .

Singles - Boys 18 & under
1, Casey Rand, West Jordan, .
2, Jordan Rand, West Jordan, .

Doubles - Men
1, David Timmons / Steven Hafen, St. George / st george, .
2, Rick Lambson / Stefan Lemire, Cedar City / St. George, .
3, Tim Finger / Michael Searle, St. George / ST. GEORGE, .

Doubles - Women
1, Sandy Bryant / Karen Marchant, Cedar City / Cedar City, .
2, Diane Shanklin / Char Schulte, Santa Clara / Las Vegas, .
3, Ginger Miller / Pam Gossett, St. George / Saint George, .

Mixed Doubles under 50
1, Karen Marchant / David Timmons, Cedar City / St. George, .
2, Kathy Duncan / Marcus Foulger, Cedar City / Salt Lake City, .
3, Anna Lindsey / Daniel Lindsey, St. George / St. George, .

Mixed Doubles 50+
1, Ginger Miller / Steven Hafen, St. George / st george, .
2, Mary Lynn Larson / James Grappo, St.George / Saint George, .
3, Geralyn Mcewen / Gene Sams, St. George / St George, .

Monday, June 22, 2009


Marty Grossman in Sunriver has a good selection of paddles at a good price (less than internet with shipping) This is the price list he has sent me. For those of you in Mesquite, I play up in St.George 2-3 times a week and will be more than happy to pick one up for you. Marty also has paddles you can try first then purchase which I could bring down too.

SRSG Pickleball Club Paddles – New & For Sale
These paddles are new— use one & you buy it!!
Marty Grossman(435-627-1700) has demo paddles – please ask to use a demo paddle

PRO-LITE Magnum Graphite
Light-weight paddle for indoor or outdoor play. Larger hitting surface and a slightly shorter handle. The ultimate for lightning fast reaction with "POP." Top choice among the players! Most popular paddle sold!
Approx. 8.0 Oz. $60

PRO-LITE Enforcer Graphite
The Enforcer is the widest and longest of the Pro-Lite Paddles.
Tear-dropped design allows for a faster response. The longer length will provide more power! Excellent for indoor or outdoor play!
Approx. 8.0 Oz $60

PRO-LITE Aero-D Graphite
By popular demand - A new light-weight and better aerodynamically balanced graphite paddle with more "POP." Less resistance for more striking power and better net play. Excellent for indoor or outdoor play!
Approx. 7.5 Oz. $58

Light-weight composite paddle for indoor or outdoor play. Larger hitting surface and slightly shorter handle. A favorite among the top players! Approx. 7.7 Oz.

A new heavier weight standard size paddle for those players who prefer a heavier paddle. The ultimate in striking power! Leading seller for the outdoor player! Approx. 9.0 Oz. $54

Oversized paddle with a “fatter” & shorter grip. Available in aluminum core at 8 oz. & graphite core at 7 oz. $49

ALUMINUMLarge hitting surface with a shorter & fatter handle. Approx. 8 Oz. $35

There is a small profit on each paddle which goes to SRSG Club members.
Pro Lite Paddles are engineered & manufactured by YODA the MASTER—Mark Friedenberg, one of the best players in the USA, & President of the USAPA.

Please make checks out to Marty Grossman or call for info:

St George Tournament Info

Hi Everyone,

This is from Lacey Wallis about the Christmas in July tournament.


1) We are playing at Vernon Worthern Park in St George on 400 East, right across the street from the St George Recreation Center.

2) We will not be having age brackets but almost all of our players are on the same level and there are no restrictions on the ability brackets.

3) There will be food and drinks which is included in the entry fee.

4) We will have t-shirts there which is also included in the entry fee.

5) The “Christmas in July” Theme is a charity event to help out the Dixie Care & Share, a charity which focuses on helping the homeless and less fortunate in and around our community. We will be having participants bring an unopened toy for a donation to the Dixie Care and Share in exchange for a raffle ticket for prizes.

6) We will have some fun special awards including a Super Trooper award for the oldest male & female players and a “Most Festive Team” special award which will be given to the best Christmas Themed pickleball outfits.