Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Party 4 Life Results

Wow what a day! Thanks to all of you that played in this years Party 4 Life tournament. Like a party, a Pickleball Tournaments success is in the people participating. We have such a fun and competitive group of players that it is almost impossible to have a bad tournament. Thank You All! for supporting me and my tournament. Special Thanks to Tom Rankin and Lee Tally for all the help they gave me. I could not have pulled it off without the support of the fella's from Sun River.

Here are the results

2009 Party 4 Life Pickleball Tournament Results

Women’s Doubles

Gold Medal
Sandy Bryant-Karen Marchant
Silver Medals
Diane Shanklin-Geralyn McEwan
Shelly Mattinson-Karen Spadaro
Bronze Medal
Mary Lynn Larsen-Denise Allen

Men’s Doubles
A Flight Gold Medal
Scott Campbell-Dave Timmons
A Silver
Marty Grossman- Steve Hafen
A Bronze
Stephan Lemire-_Walt Ashby

B Flight Gold
Chad Williams- John Chuba
B Silver
James Grappo-Wayne Spadaro
B Flight Bronze
Lem Lucia-Sheldon Schmit

Mixed Doubles A Flight
Bob Bock-Pam Gossett
Tom Wheeler- Diane Shanklin
Frank Feltner-Mary Lynn Larson

Mixed Doubles B
Gene Fradella- Anna Lindsey
Gary Rink- Shelly Mattinson
Wayne Spadaro-Karen Spadaro