Monday, June 22, 2009


Marty Grossman in Sunriver has a good selection of paddles at a good price (less than internet with shipping) This is the price list he has sent me. For those of you in Mesquite, I play up in St.George 2-3 times a week and will be more than happy to pick one up for you. Marty also has paddles you can try first then purchase which I could bring down too.

SRSG Pickleball Club Paddles – New & For Sale
These paddles are new— use one & you buy it!!
Marty Grossman(435-627-1700) has demo paddles – please ask to use a demo paddle

PRO-LITE Magnum Graphite
Light-weight paddle for indoor or outdoor play. Larger hitting surface and a slightly shorter handle. The ultimate for lightning fast reaction with "POP." Top choice among the players! Most popular paddle sold!
Approx. 8.0 Oz. $60

PRO-LITE Enforcer Graphite
The Enforcer is the widest and longest of the Pro-Lite Paddles.
Tear-dropped design allows for a faster response. The longer length will provide more power! Excellent for indoor or outdoor play!
Approx. 8.0 Oz $60

PRO-LITE Aero-D Graphite
By popular demand - A new light-weight and better aerodynamically balanced graphite paddle with more "POP." Less resistance for more striking power and better net play. Excellent for indoor or outdoor play!
Approx. 7.5 Oz. $58

Light-weight composite paddle for indoor or outdoor play. Larger hitting surface and slightly shorter handle. A favorite among the top players! Approx. 7.7 Oz.

A new heavier weight standard size paddle for those players who prefer a heavier paddle. The ultimate in striking power! Leading seller for the outdoor player! Approx. 9.0 Oz. $54

Oversized paddle with a “fatter” & shorter grip. Available in aluminum core at 8 oz. & graphite core at 7 oz. $49

ALUMINUMLarge hitting surface with a shorter & fatter handle. Approx. 8 Oz. $35

There is a small profit on each paddle which goes to SRSG Club members.
Pro Lite Paddles are engineered & manufactured by YODA the MASTER—Mark Friedenberg, one of the best players in the USA, & President of the USAPA.

Please make checks out to Marty Grossman or call for info:

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