Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Idaho Senior Games

New USPA Ambassador for Boise Carson Spencer has asked me to post info for this years Idaho Senior Games

I would like to invite all players to the IDAHO SENIOR GAMES in Boise ID. August 8,14-16 &20-23 , 2009. The Web site for more information and registration is . If any of you are in this area and need a little sports action, our games are fun, well organized and competitive. A few of the games to be played PICKLEBALL,vollyball,cycling,handball,track & field,racketball, tennis, ect.


Would love to see players from our region in St. George, Mesquite and others show up and play some good hard games.

Boise Idaho and surrounding area are beautiful and exciting. So if you decide to come and play be sure to take in all the rough outdoor excitment of the area.


Carson Spencer, new Ambassador of pickleball for the Boise Idaho area.

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